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SQA Accredited


Didaktik wanted to diversify to become a solutions-based service provider offering a turnkey manufacturing package – from design to training. As global demand for energy increases, combined with the rapid growth of technology and innovation, quality assured certification will be crucial in enabling the company to adapt quickly to ever-changing market and client conditions.



Operating in a highly specialised industry that emphasises standards. Didaktik wanted to enchance their approach to competency-based training by creating a benchmark they could align their business operations to. The company identified that they set very high standards for their processes but had no formal way of consistently measuring their quality. Furthermore, the organisation recognised the increased demand for certified training and in turn, 3rd party quality assured certification which could help ensure trainees could secure a job anywhere in the world.

Didaktik Managing Director, Mohamed Nizam, had heard about SQA Customised Awards and, after an in-depth consultation with SQA, knew this would be the ideal solution for their challenges.

“We wanted to work with SQA, in order to diversify from being solely a manufacturer of engineering equipment to one which also provides the associated training. SQA is an organisation which has an established set of rigorous, internationally recognised vocational standards and by using SQA as a benchmark it will emphasise how our training is of a high standard and certificated to an international level”



Didaktik found the processes behind developing their qualification to be robust and respected, giving them confidence and peace of mind. They described the support and knowledge they received from SQA as invaluable, particularly when creating supporting documentation and ensuring unit requirements were met.

Didaktik is working with SQA to offer a dual certificated Professional Certificate of Industrial Instrumentation & Process Control Operation and has plans to develop a suite of Customised Awards in partnership with SQA, covering;

  • 1. Mechanical Plant Operation and Maintenance
  • 2. Electrical Plant Operation and Maintenance
  • 3. Instrument Plant Operation and Maintenance
  • 4. Production Plant Operation and Maintenance


They then aim to offer this certified training to existing clients and also diversify into working with other education providers to engage with new client groups.



The business benefits to Didaktik are closely aligned to the company’s plans for growth and diversification. The main reason they approached SQA was to diversify from being solely a manufacturer of engineering equipment to one which also provides the associated training. By using SQA as a benchmark it would certify that the training was of a high standard and recognised at an international level.

The interest and morale from staff has been high. The skills, knowledge and understanding of staff has been improved by the SQA qualifications and they are enthusiastic about delivering qualifications recognised at an international level.

The Customised Awards will also support the company’s extensive client base who understand the value of working in partnership with an internationally recognised awarding organisation. Didaktik are confident the creation of these qualifications will ultimately open new doors for their business.

They plan to develop and strategically partner with training and academic institutions to design, develop and deliver engineering syllabuses and curriculums in order to meet the expectations and requirements from various industrial sectors.



Didaktik see this as the first step in fulfilling the gap between institution and industry, specifically in the engineering sector, promoting high standards and ensuring that education and training reflects these requirements.

Mohamed Nizam doesn’t anticipate this being the end of their journey:

“We also have other specialities we would like to qualify, so we will keep working with SQA for a very long time. The training programs and services we provide cover various engineering disciplines in oil and gas (upstream and downstream) and across other engineering sectors. This approach will help set us apart from the competition and prove that Didaktik takes competency extremely seriously”

The organisation is about to be listed on the NEX market in London and is investing for the future; developing its infrastructure and company strategy so as to be capable of delivering qualifications on a global scale to an international standard.

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