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DIDAKTIK Electrical package comprised of the application for electrical trainer and electrical accessories which is developed as a suitable solution for our client’s need. A thorough knowledge in this sector is needed to provide the utmost quality for the installation, operation and maintenance of our products. Our package includes a set of training programmes which is emphasized on development of learning theories and practical skills related to the system in actual working environment. Each of the package unit is customized according to the specification and criteria that fulfilled the DIN, ANSI or any other equivalent standards within the client’s requirement.

Our electrical trainer offers a comprehensive design of system in a compact size for ease of learning and hands-on experience under the requirements of learning objectives provided by the client. The training programmes involves activities such as hands-on operation of the electrical system, wiring and checking of the electrical circuit, as well as application of motor control.

We suggest suitable design of electrical accessories according to our client’s need which is built under their respective function. The training programmes focusing on the fundamentals learning and hands-on experience of the electrical equipment varies from electrical tools to power supply.



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